The view from here

After a snowy and extremely windy day and night yesterday, today dawned clear, icy cold (19 degrees), and sunny.  Here's the view from my porch this morning.
Snowy Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound
I am staying nice and toasty in the house today -- starting to cook for the holiday and just hanging out with my people.  My sister, who doesn't have school today due to the weather, will hopefully come by.  And Byron, who managed to get to his office in Bothell this morning, is planning to come home early.

We successfully moved Herman down from British Columbia last Monday, November 15.  Emigrating him at the border was a breeze and now he is patiently awaiting his green card.  In the meantime, he's been helping with sanding, painting, and getting all his boxes of books and clothing unpacked and organized in his suite downstairs.

My mom and dad arrived on Saturday, November 20, and since then we've been putting them to work on projects upstairs and down.  I think we are wearing them out.  Dad has done more than his share of hard labor already, removing a floor and now putting a new one in, plus painting, and making Home Depot runs with me.  Mom has the baby's room and the baby laundry well in hand.

In all of this hubbub I managed to get myself a nasty sinus infection, complete with sore throat.  (I think the drywall dust is the culprit.)  Going to a dinner party on Sunday night and talking a lot didn't help much since I now have laryngitis and have to resort to whispering -- or, god forbid, not talking.  It's getting better now that I have some antibiotics, but I can't wait until I feel normal again.  

Here life is quite chaotic, and the house is dusty and cluttered at the moment.  The basement is not completely done.  But this week our home is full of people we love and who love us.  Today we have sunlight and a capable furnace.  None of my canned goods exploded overnight in the cold garage.  And we scored two bags of butterflake rolls for Thanksgiving dinner.  Our grocery shopping is done so there's no need to drive on icy roads today.  Two of our three bathrooms are almost completely functional.  And although little Grover seems to be above average in nearly every way, including weight and head size, he hasn't decided to surprise us with an early arrival. 

Today, life is good -- and only getting better.


Anonymous said…
We enjoyed being with you all last week and are looking forward to "Grover's" arrival and the warmer temperatures. Hope the oven has recovered with no many things to be thankful for. mom

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