I keep getting asked whether I'm "nesting" yet.  I'm not sure what that means exactly.

If it means the irrational reorganization of the spice cabinet, then no.  But if it means being compelled to get the house in order and finish things, then yes. 

The days are definitely slowing down for me.  This is good.  I seem to get less and less accomplished between naps and walks and have started sleeping a lot more lately.  When I'm asleep I don't think about all the unfinished house stuff, which is a good state to be in, I assure you.  Everyday I have much more to do than I will accomplish, but dust bunnies be damned, I think we're essentially ready for our baby to arrive. 

We've decorated for Festivus, so everything looks pretty.  We even put some lights on the house and the deck.  No longer are we the only house on our block without lights.  I will post more on this later.  I have to take some nighttime photos to illustrate the insane holiday light phenomenon that has occurred in our neighborhood.  You won't believe it, otherwise.

We purchased a new camera so we are fully ready to capture birth and baby photos when they happen. Got one with the new 4/5ths technology so it's smaller and more compact than my Nikon, but has all the benefits of an SLR. I think we are going to like it.

Byron keeps procuring the essential books we need to make our baby the happiest on the block and to learn how to actually care for a newborn.  We have a tour of the birth center on Friday and a breastfeeding class lined up for the next week.  And aside from my puffy ankles things seem to still be progressing normally (albeit a bit supersized) with Grover.  I'm nearly 37 weeks.

Now, if only I could get my holiday cards mailed . . .


Joel Jennings said…
Amy, Glad everything sounds like it's going great. Enjoy your classes. They really helped us. Hopefully Byron's experience is a little better then mine. When we showed up for the classes, there was the initial look, then the double-take, then the knowing expression, "Oh, it's so nice that the grandfather can come, too." Gar! Blasted grey hair!
Amy said…
You totally crack me up! I can't imagine anyone thinking you were the grandfather. But I must admit, we were the oldest couple in our childbirth class, too.

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