The waiting has officially commenced

We are now officially waiting for Grover to arrive.  His room is ready.  His clothes are clean. We're done with Christmas.  We've cleaned the house.  Our good friends Mark, Jill, and Sadie have arrived from California.  And Jill has come all this way to hang out with me for the week -- and wait.

Today she accompanied me for another ultrasound, just to check on Grover's size and current status.  All is well, albeit large.  According to the radiologist, he now has a bit bigger head and weighs 9 lbs. 10 ounces today.  Of course, ultrasound calculations famously over estimate.  But even if we assume the measurements are at least 20 percent high, there's no way he's going to be a small child.  You can see from today's ultrasound snapshot, his face is looking a bit more smashed and chubby -- and pretty cute.

I'm eating spicy food, doing yoga, walking as much as I can, and I have started negotiations with him.  I'm trying to convince him to start his arrival on Wednesday.  We'll see if he agrees.


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