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Guest Post by Jill Pratt

As you might have noticed by now, my friend Amy has quite a way with words. Me? Not so much. But in an attempt to be the best birth-support-friend of all time, I've agreed to guest post.

On Christmas day, Mark, Sadie and I arrived in Seattle so that I can be present at Grover's birth. I'm feeling like the luckiest friend in the world to be included in this amazing life-altering event and also, I'm reciprocating. Four and a half years ago Amy came down to the Bay Area to be at Sadie's birth (my daughter). Sadie was pretty happy on the inside, so we had a fantastic week of shopping, organizing, walking, eating out and just having a few last Amy & Jill days before adding a new little person to the Pratt family. I don't get much child-free time now, but my husband Mark has generously agreed to some solo parenting this week so that we can recreate this experience for Amy. One last fine dining experience is key -- my "last supper" was at Chez Panisse -- Amy's was at Lola. We walked me into labor in Berkeley and today we were trying to do the same for Amy at Green Lake (we nearly froze to death on our 2 hour walk around it today!).  Unfortunately, it looks like I will end up heading home before the little guy makes an appearance, but I plan on hopping on the first plane when I hear some news.

It's pretty amazing to think that Amy and I are going into our 28th year of friendship, crazy I know. We've been through a lot together and now we get to welcome Amy and Byron's baby into the world.

Oh, I'm also very jealous every time Amy posts about her walks around Green Lake with her camera . . . so today I brought mine! Here are some pics from our epic walk . . . hopefully our next walk will be with Amy's new Bob stroller . . . and Grover.



  1. What a great guest post! Jill really should do it more often.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous!


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