My holiday weekend

You might say I've had a holiday weekend, of sorts, from my new 24/7 job... Not so much time off but definitely a change of pace.

Byron and I had a date Friday night at the local Mexican restaurant -- complete with tortilla soup and fish tacos.  Saturday we had breakfast out at the pancake house with friends Darcy, Ryan, and Arlo. I ate six pancakes and two eggs.  Seriously.

Sunday, Byron retrieved his dad from British Columbia, where my father in law has been since the end of December. To celebrate his homecoming we had a home-cooked meal of stealhead, roasted potatoes, and asparagus, with ice cream sundaes for dessert. This is actually one of my favorite meals-- and the fish preparation Byron used is so good it's worth a separate blog post all its own (coming soon).

And today, Byron had the day off and we did a few things as a family. After sleeping in with Wyatt (yes, I am actually getting some sleep now), we went for a walk around Green Lake followed by pho and sandwiches at my favorite Vietnamese place--Pho in the USA. It felt like a big day with a six-week old.

We are getting better at going places with Wyatt in tow. He's a good baby, and as long as I feed him as needed, he's pretty happy wherever we take him.

Mine was a good President's Day weekend all around.  Hope yours was too.


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