Taking a moment to marvel

As I write this, I'm sitting here waiting for my peaceful little sleeping baby to wake up.  He's been asleep for about an hour, the second of two morning naps.  Maybe it's the piano lullabies that I have playing, or the motion of the swing he is in . . . whatever it is, he's definitely enjoying his sleep.  His little arm above his head is so sweet.  I love it.  Sometimes I sleep like that too.
Wyatt's morning nap.
Our plan (and by that I mean his dad and me) is to meet his dad at his office and have a family lunch today.  Truth be told, his dad is eager to do a little show and tell at his office, too.

This isn't the first of our outings.  We've been doing a lot lately and Wyatt seems to be a flexible and happy baby most of the time.  We started mom and baby yoga, which, quite frankly, mesmerized him, and then put him to sleep.

Wyatt on his yoga blanket.
He also had his two-month check up this week.  Turns out he is a healthy and happy little 14-pound (yes, that's not a typo) 8-week old.  He got his first immunizations this week, too.  Unfortunately, a few hours later one of his thighs swelled up a bit, he threw up, and then seemed to scream every time his legs moved all afternoon.  But by evening he was his happy self again.

The culprit.
Yesterday, I stuffed him (it's true . . . he's getting close to outgrowing it) into the Baby Bjorn and we hiked around our hilly neighborhood for two hours.  Certainly gave me a workout.  He tolerated his hat well.  And seemed to love the wind in his face, which is fortunate because it was a very windy day!

Our windblown look post walk.
We've also been doing the regular stuff like the grocery store, going to my new mom's group, and just hanging out at home by ourselves and with our friends Carrie and Will.  He took his first shower -- with me, of course -- this week, and he seemed to really like it.  Usually he gets a bath, but in a pinch a shower will also banish that sour milk smell.

He's changing rapidly.  Lots of hand-chewing this week.  He's noticed the cat.  He is doing more cooing and making more distinct language-like sounds to "talk" to us.  He is also becoming his dad's alarm clock.  Around 5:30 a.m. he starts making lots of noise and begins reaching for him.  (He also manages to fill his diaper with something stinky, which aids in the wake up routine.) They are hilarious with all their conversations, tummy time, mimicking each other, and laughing in bed.

Wyatt is also perfecting his bubbly little squinty-eye grin, which is seriously disarming.

Well, that's probably enough baby pictures for today.  I'm doing my best to live in the moment and enjoy all the baby time.  Taking pictures helps.  Already, I can see how he's changing from an infant into a baby.  I'm determined to not miss any of it.  So thanks for letting me share some of it here.

I see my little man is waking up.  I'd better go.  I don't want to miss my opportunity to stuff him into his car seat.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the peeks in to Wyatt's life. We do want to come fuss over him sometime soon...

jill pratt said…
he looks a lot like your dad in that bottom picture...not that your dad drools...:)

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