A first

This was my first Mother's Day.  My mom and dad were visiting, and we also spent time with my sister, her boyfriend, and my father-in-law.  This weekend, the house seemed to always be full of people I love.

Today I woke to a smiling little boy and little feet on my thigh.  Then came a card, beautifully written, and a little turquoise blue box. We had waffles with toasted pecans, strawberries, yogurt, and real maple syrup from Cornell. My sister gave me tulips.  My mom gave me gardening money. Jill sent me See's. I got text messages from friends. And at about two o'clock there was a knock on the door and a box of two dozen roses from Byron. 

Mother's Day is the first holiday I've ever had to "earn" or qualify for.  Totally worth it, I tell you.  I love being Wyatt's mom, and I'll always remember this first celebration.


sherilee said…
Sounds just lovely, Amy. Exactly what a first Mother's Day should be!
Jocelyn said…
Do I dare ask that the little turquoise box came from Tiffany's?? Really pretty pictures!

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