These days

I should be sleeping.  He is.

Instead, I'm posting here.  Tonight, I had to get a little time to myself after the munchkin went to sleep.  This is a new thing -- him falling asleep and sleeping for a few hours alone.  Nice.

Life around here has begun finding a nice rhythm.  We're beginning to start on house and garden projects again.  Byron has built another four raised beds to complete the design for our at-home vegetable garden.  I've managed to get my pots planted with annuals for the season.  We are beginning work on the front yard landscaping projects -- this will take all season I think.  For now, we've pulled out the 1960-vintage sprinkler system and are working to tear out all the sod.  Lucky for us, Byron's dad has taken on the project.

I've started cooking meals again (as I hope you can see from my recent post). I'm not making every meal a memorable one, believe me.  Suffice it to say that my home cooking is merely punctuated by quesadillas now, in contrast to the steady diet of them that we have enjoyed in recent weeks.  I've been inspired by the latest Heidi Swanson cookbook, "Super Natural Every Day."  Loving it.

That and buttermilk.  I've really gotten into making things with it these days.  Can't get enough of the tang.  Around here it is buttermilk pancakes and waffles on the weekend.  This streak is further aided by my acquisition of a new waffle iron -- it's a thin, 1/2-inch thick waffler that makes much nicer waffles than all those thick waffle irons.  Then there's the homemade buttermilk blue cheese dressing that I figured out how to make recently.   It's great on wedges of iceberg lettuce.  Heck, it's good on anything.  You could probably drizzle it on cardboard . . .

I've also been making some new friends.  Having a wee one lends itself well to meeting other parents.  Of course to start with, it's our babies that we have in common.  But I feel lucky.  I'm finding that many of the men and women that I've met are people I enjoy, aside from the kid thing.

I'm part of a mom's group that meets every Wednesday.  Initially it was an eight-week session, but we've kept on meeting -- going for walks, having lunch together in someone's home, hanging out with the babies.  Tomorrow we are walking the Arboretum.

The other group that Byron and I have become part of is a group of eight couples that have met for the past 12 weeks to share our ups and downs of parenting and to learn together.  It's a group facilitated by PEPS, a local parent education non-profit.  Although our initial 12 weeks of weekly meetings has concluded, we continue to meet up with the others each month for various activities.  I'm looking forward to our next get together:  a low-tide beach walk led by one the moms who is a marine biologist.

Well, that's all for now.  My munchkin is muttering on the baby monitor.  Plus, this mom is getting tired.  This is my life.  And I like it.


Becky said…
Great! Glad to hear the gardening is on. That must mean you'll be clearing out the corner of my yard that hasn't been mowed for over a year. Yea! Happy Gardening!

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