A Week of Maui Haiku

While in Maui, I gave myself only one task each day:  to update my Facebook status in haiku.  As you may recall, an "English haiku" is basically an unrhymed Japanese poem in three lines.  The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five.  Haiku often contains images of the natural world.  (Food is a lot like nature . . . right?)

Here's a look at my week of haiku poems -- in the order I wrote them -- illustrated with photography this time.
A ripe papaya
Coconut bagel, toasted 
Ice, coffee, lanai

From lanai I see
Breaking waves, sea turtle, fish
A baby smiles

Mom and baby whale
a big jump, fully above
Blue, white, gray, flukes . . . gone

Slow lunch at Mama's
Ahi seared, Uku, Ono
Umbrella drinks too

Baby in good hands
An hour and a half for me 
by the pool, alone

Chirpy voice, little
Feet in my back, hand on me
This is my wake up

A day of sun, surf,
more whale watching and a beach,
plus Maui Tacos

Made it home just fine
It's not 85 degrees here :(
Haiku ends here too


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