I'm not making this up. There once was a day in Seattle that was warm enough to grill.

We took advantage of the intermittent grilling weather that appeared over the weekend to whip up some grilled pizzas.  By the time we decided to make them, it was already dinner time.  Surprisingly, however, the dough didn't take long.  And grilling took just a few minutes.

They turned out great with a crispy/chewy crust, smokey char marks, and good topping combinations (by accident since we used what we had).  While the dough rose, we grilled up some crimini mushrooms, Japanese eggplant, and red onions, and put Wyatt to bed.  Byron, who is the person in our house who makes all the bread-type products, tells me the key to these pizzas is using bread flour and SAF red instant yeast.  Oh, and grilling one side before adding any toppings.

If I can get his dough recipe I'll post it later this week.  It's a good one.

The first pizza was spread generously with pesto, then piled with chunks of eggplant, mushroom, and goat cheese, and then some Parmigiano Reggiano.  Fresh basil went on top after it came off the grill. We slathered our second pizza with good olive oil, red onion, blue cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, black pepper, and Maldon salt. Add to that a bottle of Spanish red and a sleeping baby and we had a delicious and uninterrupted meal.  

Next warm evening, we're making them again.  And by that I mean sometime in September.


Becky said…
Looks yummy. Of course this wasn't done yesterday or today! I want sun and warmth!

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