A smattering of lately

Making breakfast for dinner was the easiest thing, especially since we had meant to get together for brunch.  New waffle iron.  Old friends.  Maple syrup.  A great evening.

At least that day there was enough sun in the late afternoon to create shadows I found fascinating.  My patio cushions also stayed dry that day.  Was that summer, I wonder?

Spring asparagus and good eggs, reunited.  Thank goodness the farmer's market started up again last week.

Housekeeping isn't my strong suit.  When desperate for order, I fluff up the feather pillow and center it on the couch.  Somehow that little act makes everything else seem less undone.

One should always have a lovage plant growing in the kitchen garden.  The moment may come when you require its hollow stem for a straw.  A good thing.

What power lines?

Slow mornings.  Now, if only I could get father time to take his foot off the accelerator . . .


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