Half a year

Six months ago today Grover became Wyatt.  My head swirls just thinking about all the activity since January 6 when our little munchkin arrived.  He has grown from a wiggly and wrinkly little bundle with a squeeky voice to a baby who can eat sweet potatoes, drink from a sippy cup, reliably sit up (once placed in a seated position, that is), and help us dress him by working his arms through the sleeves. 

Though much has changed about him, he still has many of the same mannerisms and gestures that he had the day we met him.  He was never much for the swaddle, although we did insist on it for a while.  Turns out, he's one of those sleep-all-stretched-out kids.  Perhaps this should have been apparent to us from the get-go.

Wy on the day he was born.

Wy today, at 6 months.
Today we wanted to celebrate this half-a-year milestone somehow, so we offered Wyatt sweet potatoes for the first time, which he loved.  Admittedly, not much of a celebration.
Then again, today Wyatt took his first ferry trip -- from West Seattle to Vashon Island.  We visited a farm on the island and, while hanging out in the shade, he had his first go at lying on the lawn, looking up at a blue sky, and running his fingers and toes through cool, green grass on a warm day.

Not bad for half a year.

Wyatt and me on the ferry.


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