Our busy dasher

I've been meaning to tell you about all the ice cream we've been making -- and  eating -- lately.  We busted out the ice cream maker at the end of June and have resumed churning our way through David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop, a project we began last summer.

Bummer is (or is it?) that our vintage ice cream maker behaves much better when we make a double recipe.  Anything less and the dasher (great name for that thing that turns in the middle, huh?) creates too much friction and bad things happen.

So this is what we've been making.  With some of those Honeoye strawberries we made a batch of strawberry sour cream ice cream.  Definitely a keeper.  On the heels of that we enjoyed Philadelphia-style chocolate that got fancied up into rocky road.  I must say it was extremely good the moment it came out of the ice cream freezer, but it was even better the next day when the marshmallows and peanuts had frozen in.  A few days later we celebrated a friend's visit with yet another flavor experiment -- dried apricot and pistachio ice cream.  About one out of every three people who try it seem to like it.  Hmm.

Our next batch is slated to be coffee frozen yogurt.  And after that Vietnamese coffee ice cream.  I promise a full report once those are consumed.

I might add that all this indulging necessitated that I spend my birthday money in the most non-fun way possible this year -- I bought new running shoes. (I'm probably much too old to still be getting birthday money from my parents, but I love that I do. Thanks M & D!)


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