It's been a particularly busy week of disparate activities.  Yet somehow, weeks like this one weave themselves together into a rich life -- one that I love.  That's why I'm jotting it down.  And so I won't forget the parts that make the whole.

A day of immunizations, a new tooth and walks in the neighborhood with an out-of-sorts baby.  A day of audiologists and new hearing aids.  A day of five baby poops. A day of working in the dirt at my p-patch, cutting a bouquet for my sister, watering the garden, picking raspberries. Laundry. Breakfast with Byron. An afternoon devoted to working on a project I had committed to. An evening and then a morning of meetings for worthy organizations. A visit to my former workplace to stay connected to former colleagues and friends.  Laundry. Going to the dentist. A day of sitting without falling over and lots of belly laughs and baby kisses. One glorious two and a half hour morning nap, for both of us.  Bills paid.  A gray and rainy day, or two. News that a far away friend had a baby.  Baths and groceries and loading and unloading the dishwasher. A seven-hour stretch of sleep. Sunny walks around Green Lake and 17 turtles and a heron. Friday lunch with a good friend and a social hour with other moms who are learning to use sign language with their babies.  BLTs and corn on the cob.


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