Today we shared our first laugh

Let me set the stage:  He was nursing and looking up at me.  His leg high in the air, held up by his little hand -- basically my yoga baby was doing triangle pose on his side.

Then it happened.  Wyatt tooted.  It was a rumble-y little "machine gun" fart.  Actually it was a fairly big sound coming from such a little person.  It surprised him.  And me.  And at the same moment we both started laughing -- a spontaneous outburst of laughter, together.

It was sweet and new and a real connection between us.  I think both of us realized it in the moment.  And we both liked it.

Then he tooted again, which turned out to be even funnier somehow.

. . . .

There you have it.  My craziest post yet.  Who would have thought I'd be posting about my baby's toots?

Oh well, maybe my post just proves sleep deprivation is a form of torture that can make you divulge nearly anything.  Here I am, a new parent who has been getting inadequate sleep for six months now, and I'm blogging about my child's bodily functions.  What will I say next?

Don't worry.  I won't tell you about the diapers. 


Jocelyn said…
As the mom of a 13 year old boy I can assure you that this is only the beginning.
Amy said…
I'm sure you are right. I'm told that noisy bodily functions remain quite funny to boys for many more year than one would think!
Jocelyn said…
I was raised with sisters. My boy is lucky I'm such a good sport about such things!
sherilee said…
I don't think it's crazy at all--just precious. The first of many laughs together, I'm sure. (And toots, too... it does indeed only increase!)

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