Friends in the Olympics

This weekend we met up with our friends Sam, Debbie, Layla, and Rachel, on the Olympic Peninsula for a beautiful hike at Hurricane Ridge and camping at Lake Crescent.  We had a gorgeous day in Olympic National Park -- above the clouds that have lurked over Seattle for most of the summer.  Plus, we got to hang out with graduate-school friends we rarely see (they live in San Diego) and talk about books and food and travel and all kinds of interesting things. 

It was Wyatt's first hike and camp out and he seemed to really enjoy it.  Of course, he is happier outdoors than in, and by all indications he really liked riding in the backpack for the hike.  Byron got his workout lugging our 20-plus-pound baby a mile and a half up about 1,000 feet to the top of Hurricane Hill at 5,757 feet elevation.  I just had to haul myself, which was work enough.  But it was all worth it because from the top we could see Vancouver Island, the Olympic Range, and Mt. Baker and the Cascades.  Byron took the panoramic photo, above, of the Olympics.  All of us but Wyatt came home with lots of mosquito bites.  Go figure.

We joined our friends at their Lake Crescent camp site for the night and enjoyed an evening of good food and conversation.  I even got to make s'mores over the campfire. Wy, Byron and I all slept pretty well, and we stayed warm and dry, making it an unqualified success in my book.
Sam, Debbie, Rachel, and Layla

Wy riding in the backpack under his blanket for shade

Alpine lupine and snow-in-the-summer blooming on Hurricane Hill

Wy, staying warm in his smart wool socks, etc.

Tent with a view of the lake
Hanging in the tent
New buddies: Rachel and Wyatt


Becky said…
Too cute! Looks like you guys had good weather and some fun. I guess Wyatt's a true NW boy!
jill pratt said…
now he needs to head to yosemite with cousin sadie! how's the backpack working out?

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