No pain, no gain

For Wyatt it was a week of tears and grumpiness and sore gums and lots of nursing. The upshot being that he has new teeth sprouting through his gums, he is longer and a bit skinnier around the middle, and he's acquired some new skills.  Byron also insists that Wyatt can now tell his right arm from his left, but I'm not so sure.

I wouldn't say he is crawling exactly, but he has progressed in no time flat from sitting in one place reliably to launching himself forward -- sometimes on all fours and sometimes by pulling up on something.  Yesterday we think we saw him move himself forward on hands and knees before collapsing back to earth.  But until he gets crawling down, he rolls and pivots and, between the two, can get himself most anywhere.

These days there is much shaking of his toys and he has started jetisoning objects out of the crib.  He turns the pages of his board books now.  And he is absolutely crazy about opening the doors and flaps in his book-of-the-moment "Where's Spot?" (thanks Dana and Robert!).

I periodically catch him studying things too.  Sometimes its his reflection, other times its the zipper on his hoodie.  He can sit for what seems like hours and rearrange the wood beads on one of his toys.  And of course labels, especially the yellow and white warning labels on strollers and carmseats and sun visors . . . , are the most interesting of all.

Wyatt is also keenly aware of the cat now.  He will stop whatever he's doing when he hears Oggy meow and then get a big grin on his face.  Much to Oggy's displeasure, Wyatt can launch himself toward the cat, shrinking the space between them considerably more quickly than Oggy is comfortable with.  This makes Oggy leave the room, which causes Wyatt to cry, which in turn causes Oggy to run in the opposite direction . . . this cycle repeats itself several times a day.

I know we are enjoying the final days of Wyatt's non-mobile period.  I'll miss my mostly-stationary baby when he is gone, but I know that once Wyatt gains the ability to move on his own it will lead to lots of fun and discovery for him -- and for us.  In the meantime, we are baby proofing.


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