A year examined

I've been thinking lately about all the change I've experienced in my life over the past year.  Hands down the most welcomed change is that our lives have slowed down a lot.  We lived in total chaos and at a hectic pace last fall -- getting the downstairs remodeled in time to move Herman down from Canada, getting ready for a baby, and then all the other stuff we added to it.  These days life is still full, but its more fun and less frenzied.  It's also more focused on the important, rather than just being caught up in whatever is most urgent at the moment.

Most of the change has been good.  Of course, giving birth to Wyatt and having the joy and fun and adventure that comes with adding a child to your family has been the best of it.  I've also gotten to see a new side of my spouse as he gets used to being a dad.  It's fun to see how happy being a dad makes Byron, how good he is at it, and how much Wyatt loves everything about him.  After being together for more than 20 years, it's pretty special to share something so meaningful and to get to see a new side of your partner.

It's been a great relief to get Herman's suite nearly finished.  Having him move in with us and become part of our family has also been nice.  I didn't really know what to expect when we decided to create a multi-generational home a few years back.  Now that we're living it, I like it.  That's not to say there haven't been some challenges -- mostly health-related as of late for Herman -- but so far they haven't been anything we can't handle together.  I know a lot more about hearing aids than I used to.  And it's pretty handy to have a neighbor downstairs from whom I can borrow an egg if I need it (and I have).  Plus, it is really fun to see Herman, now 87 years old, light up the moment he sees his grandson.  I'm glad Wyatt will know him and I'm glad Herman is surrounded by family once again.

Some of the changes have been less than ideal -- the jiggly nature of my midsection now, the lack of quality sleep (why am I still up?), and not having time to finish (or even begin) home projects as planned.  But, I'm exercising more, Wyatt is beginning to nurse only about once in the night now, and we've decided to get someone else to paint our house this fall.  This is progress.

Just for fun, here's a look at then . . . and now.
Wyatt (known as Grover in utero) -- September 20, 2010
Wyatt using his eight teeth to go at a cob of corn -- September 20, 2011.


Jocelyn said…
When I scrolled down and got to the picture of Wyatt and his corn I laughed out loud! So very sweet.

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