This is a very good life that I have

The past month or so has been different.  Finally.  It's given us opportunity to sit still, share meals with friends and family that we have not seen enough of in the past many months, and just be.  I desperately hope this kind of slowing down can continue.  Our lives have been so full and, unfortunately, also full throttle for the past 18 months.  Finding a pace that feels more like normal and less like the "we can get through this, we know we can" mode that we had gotten use to would be wonderful.

This week I have reason to be busy again with preparations for a family visit this weekend and a minor flood caused by a water hose coming loose from the back of the refrigerator.  But I've done my best to stick to my slow living plan.

I lead a very good life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Long to do lists aside, I am determined to take time to savor the people I'm with and the day itself, whenever possible (and did I mention savor the food, too?).  On Monday, Wyatt and I treated ourselves to tacos boniato at Agua Verde after an appointment nearby.  Afterward, we spent an hour walking along the marina and the waterfront, admiring the brilliant leaves and watching squirrels and ducks and gulls.  Wyatt was cold as an ice cube by the end of it but he seemed to love every minute.  Yesterday I had the most pleasurable afternoon drinking coffee and eating an outstanding canele in the company of a lovely friend and her 11-month-old daughter.  Our conversation ranged from food to law to dreams to travel to babies.  And speaking of the babies, they took naps on our laps.  Quite perfect, I'd say.  Today Wyatt and I lunched with Byron near his office, something I'm pleased to say that we have done almost every week for the last month or so.  We finished the afternoon with a stop at our local coffee shop, just the two of us.  Coffee for me.  Cheerios and a milk break for Wy.

And in case you're wondering.  Here's what slowing down to enjoy this very good life looks like.


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