Ebelskiver morning (with instructional video)

Yesterday we started the day with little spherical pancakes filled with tasty things.  Of the fillings, I think my favorite is Nutella.  Wyatt liked the blackberry jam filling, with lemon curd coming in a close second.  Byron mostly sticks to the ones filled with homemade strawberry jam.

Ever since our friends Bonnie and Joe gave us an ebelskiver pan for Christmas a few years back, we've been making these Danish breakfast treats, especially on winter weekends.  Turns out, they are the perfect size for a one year old to feed himself.  And our one year old ate three of them -- no parts of which were thrown to the floor (and that's saying something these days).

An hour later, he ate another one.

Today, he ate leftover ebelskivers. Three more down the hatch. Turns out they are every bit as tasty as fresh ones.

These golf ball sized treats are easy to make, and if you're up for a break from waffles and pancakes, give them a try if you can find a pan.  Although I'm not usually one who likes making things like this from a mix, we use a Stonewall Kitchen mix that turns out great (I know it's available at Sur La Table).  We've made them from scratch, but haven't found a recipe that turns out as tasty as the mix.  We'll keep doing research on that . . .

In the meantime, here's some photo inspiration from our kitchen, including a short, instructional video on how to eat an ebelskiver.


Click on the picture below for a short, instructional video on how to eat an ebelskiver.
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We know, this photo doesn't look like a video clip, but just click on it.


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