Saturday night at our house

I have no idea how this became a favorite Saturday night meal.  It hardly seems like a meal at all, actually.  But I, and lots of people I know, grew up eating this way every Saturday night.  Sometimes we still do -- like tonight.

The main course:  popcorn.  The sides:  apple slices with peanut butter or naval oranges (grapefruit is a personal favorite) peeled with one of those Tupperware peelers.  As I recall, this meal is traditionally served with ginger ale, root beer floats, or hot chocolate.  You can, of course, drink whatever you want with it.

When I was a kid, this meal was eaten while playing board games or Uno or watching movies on the VCR.  For others it was traditionally accompanied by Hockey Night in Canada.  Tonight we ate around the kitchen table, feeding Wyatt pieces of orange and bits and pieces of popcorn that we were fairly confident he wouldn't choke on.  We upped the protein content of our meal by adding a few quesadillas made with cheddar, refried beans and hot sauce.

There were no board games or movies for us tonight. Just a low key night where we all have gotten to do things we like.  Wy got a bath, books, and some songs before bed.  Now that he's asleep, I get to nerd around on the internet and post to my blog -- a luxury these days now that there is a walking 13 month old in our house.  I'm sitting in the same room as Byron who is also doing something he really likes -- playing Call of Duty with a buddy in Washington D.C. (how late is it there??).  He's wearing headphones, so all I periodically hear are things like, "Crap, did I blow you up?" and "I can't believe I'm dead again!" followed by "Let's try this one more time."  He's having fun.  Oggy is curled up on a mohair chair, which is a place he is normally not allowed to be.  What can I say? Even the cat deserves a little fun.

Admittedly, we are home bodies and, frankly, a tad boring.  It may not be your idea of a good evening, but this is Saturday night just the way we like it (at least periodically) around here.


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