Visiting the Witt Winter Garden

Last week I made it to the Witt Winter Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum.  I've wanted to see it in bloom for many years, but have never had the time to visit at the right time of year before.  This is the perfect time of year to go, and walking through it (twice) completely made my week.  The garden was beautiful, fragrant, and seemed so "alive" at a time of year when most gardens lay dormant. 

My visit made me want to plan for more winter interest in my own garden, and it made me excited to get going again on my front yard landscaping project.  I found this garden every bit as inspirational as the idea gardens at the flower and garden show. . . no, actually, it was better.  Plus, it was free!  If you're interested, the link above also provides access to a garden map and plant list. 

My pictures don't do the garden justice -- the scale and slope and color is so much better experienced in person.  Even so, perhaps they will be enough to entice you to plan a visit before the blooms are gone this year.  I hope to visit again at the end of the month to catch the camellias and magnolias that were yet to blossom.
Three varieties of witch hazel with hellebore below.

Lemon yellow on golden yellow -- nothing like it!


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