Almost spring

Last night we had thunder and snowy hail.  Seriously.  Today there's blue sky and sunshine. Every day it seems we're having weird weather of some sort.  We've definitely had cooler-than-normal temps the last few months.  It makes me super ready for the spring and some reliably spring-like weather.  Of course, spring lasts until July 4 in Seattle, but hey, at least it doesn't require the knee-length down coat I've become accustomed to wearing.

Despite the gray skies, on weekends we've managed to do some urban hikes with Wyatt and to walk around Green Lake a few times.  I'm seeing signs of warmer days to come -- at least I hope that's what it is.  Either that or the poor shoots and buds are going to be frozen to death.

Today is the spring equinox, and it's also my 18th wedding anniversary.  As I recall, on the weekend we were married it snowed the day afterward -- proof this isn't such an odd weather year after all, I suppose.  Tomorrow's the first day of spring. This can only be a good thing.  Grow, garden, grow!


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