A bit like a room of one's own

Something about this time of year makes me want to dig out and organize.  This is lucky timing.  I've recently also realized that with things as they are, key tasks and worthwhile activities are languishing.  Important things.  Things like writing cards, blogging, following through on volunteer commitments, keeping in touch.  Oh, and then all the things I need to do like financial planning, record keeping, and meal planning. My productivity in the "not Wyatt" category of life has been fairly low as of late. 

So.  This week I made time to rework the small space I've carved out of the living room that serves as command central for me.   Not an ideal location, but good enough for now.

It may not look like much, but the fact that you can see a bit of the surface of the desk is a good sign, trust me.  The space is mostly functional, but to really work for me, it also needs a few pretty things. Thus, the orchid, calendar, and Waterman clock.

I've also included a small stash of Wyatt-oriented items since he always wants something from my desk (preferably a pen or my laptop), and never likes to be too far away.  I've parked a basket of favorite books and notebooks within reach.  And added a bit of storage by way of a simple set of stacked drawers on casters. 

Getting my self reorganized is, I hope, the first step in actually getting back on top of some of my most important projects (i.e. financial stuff and remodeling).  Besides that, it now gives me a pleasant space (and no excuses) for jotting notes and emails to friends and actually getting packages addressed and put in the mail.  It may not be a room of my own, but I'll take it.

Do tell.  How do you stay organized and productive at home?  


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