A quick trip to see Sadie

Last week, Wyatt and I hopped on a plane to the bay area to spend time in a more reliably sunny place and enjoy time with cousin Sadie and her parents, Jill and Mark.  Suffice it to say that we took the rain with us and it poured much of the time we were there.

That didn't stop us from having fun times, in general, and visiting the Academy of Sciences, in particular.  Wyatt got his exercise chasing the cat, Shiva.

Rain and all it was a nice change of pace for us, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time and many good conversations with Jill.  Oh, and thanks so much for introducing us to "baby monkey" -- I still have that nutty song running though my head!

Biding time in the fun house mirror waiting for our plane to leave at Sea-Tac Airport (it was delayed six hours!).
on the plane at last with my happy traveler (thank goodness)
Wy, Sadie, and T-Rex at the Academy of Sciences
Sadie's self portrait of her and Wy hanging in the backseat
Wy and Shiva


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