Arboretum urban hike

Saturday we spent the day hiking around Washington Park Arboretum. It's hard to find a prettier place in the city this time of year.  A few months back, I really enjoyed visiting the winter garden, but this weekend was truly spring.  We enjoyed the tail end of the cherry blossoms, early rhododendrons, and most lovely of all, the magnolias.

After waiting for Wyatt to finish his morning nap in the car, we strapped him into the back pack and hiked from one end of the arboretum to the other, then up to the Madison Valley Essential Baking Company for lunch, then a stint at the park to "run" Wyatt, and finally a walk back to through the arboretum. 

Wyatt loved being outside all day (as did we) and barking at nearly every dog we passed. We had such a nice time, I think we'll go back in a few weeks to see all the azaleas and rhodies in full bloom.


B+J said…
The air ~looks~ so fresh! Makes me want to get out of the city and breath. Great pictures of the pink flowers.

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