Spring Brunch

Brunch complete with pink tulips on a vintage linen dishtowel from my late mother-in-law's collection.
While millions of people celebrated Easter and Passover last weekend, our emphasis was pretty much 100 percent on the eating.  Our celebration was more about the sunshine and the fact that the garden is actually growing.  Plus it's opening day here in Seattle on Friday.  I must admit I also did a little happy dance (inside that is) when my sister gave me a candy basket complete with Reese's peanut butter eggs.  Low brow, yes.  But traditions are traditions.

For brunch on Sunday, Becky and Darren brought a bowl of strawberries and a cheese blintz dish with blueberry compote.  This is the kind of dish that tastes amazing, but you really don't want to know what goes in it or you'll feel bad about your second helping.  Regardless, I think I need to learn to make it, so I'm working on acquiring the recipe to post here.  Trust me, you too will want this recipe.

Darcy and Ryan brought a garlic-potato-egg-herb dish that was awesome despite Darcy's disclaimer that it had left over mashed potatoes in it. 

Byron made homemade hot cross buns from this recipe and provided the beverages.  Nobody starved.

Thanks to Darcy's craftiness with dye, Wyatt and Arlo had their first egg hunt on our deck.  Turns out, before age two it's as much fun to smash the eggs as it is to find them.  Maybe more fun.  Oh well.  We managed to rescue a few of them and made egg salad sandwiches with new chives from the garden for dinner.  Good food start to finish.


sherilee said…
That cheese blintz dish looks suspiciously close to one we've made numerous times in my family, from the Weekends at Moosewood book: http://sweetteasunshine.blogspot.com/2009/12/christmas-breakfast-cheese-blintz-puff.html

You've got me wanting to make it this weekend, with all the family coming in to town...

Happy spring!

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