Wyatt's Room

Some time ago, before he arrived, I posted about how I was decorating Wyatt's room.  His room is one of the busiest places in the house these days.  Since the initial set up, we've moved a few things around and recently, we even took the side rail off his crib, turning it into a toddler bed.  He crawls up and down by himself, and occasionally rolls out!

The fuzzy rug has been replaced, at least temporarily, by a play mat, which brings red into the orange, blue and white color scheme.  We moved the smaller glider into another room for a while, since the large red one is more comfortable for reading and nursing now that Wyatt is bigger.  Toys and puzzles are tucked in easy-to-reach places, and his closet has very few onesies in it any more.  It's less the room of a baby and more for a growing little boy.

Here's a look:

Our growing wall of "Wyatt's village" -- because, as we know, it takes a village to raise a child.

Books and toys fill up the little set of shelves now.

Puzzles and things with wheels are pretty much Wyatt's favorites these days.

Wyatt's bed, complete with favorite owl.
Bright morning light is one of my favorite things about Wyatt's room.
Monsters abound.

Wyatt's growth chart -- the wall by his closet.


B+J said…
I cannot imagine a more perfect room.

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