Baker's man

I spent a few hours yesterday baking with my little boy.  This isn't the first time we've baked together.  We've managed biscuits and pancakes, hand pies, and even a few messier food projects like salad dressing, granola, and scrambled eggs.  Our activity yesterday warrants a post here mostly because the cake -- a rhubarb lemon buttermilk bundt cake -- was outrageously good and worth telling you about.  And because Wyatt was particularly into it all and looked pretty cute in his IKEA kid-sized apron.

I heard about the cake from Melissa over at all buttoned up.  Any bundt cake that has been worth the time for a woman with four children to make four times in the span of a few weeks is worth a little investigation in my opinion.  So, since I don't own the cookbook she took it from, I set out to see if I could find the recipe somehow. And voilà!

Here's a link to the recipe, which I found on yet another blog, in case you'd like to try making this cake before spring rhubarb dissapears.  I'm always modifying recipes so I'll tell you that I only had two cups of thinly sliced rhubarb (it calls for three), and frankly, I wouldn't have wanted more in the cake.  It was the perfect amount for my taste. Oh, and I substituted 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice for the lemon oil.  Worked fine.

Wyatt had a blast playing with utensils, tasting the flour, chomping on raw rhubarb, drinking fresh lemon juice (what is it with his love of sour foods?).  Luckily, he fell off the step stool only once.

About half of the cake went with us to the Mariners game last night, and we shared it with friends who came with us.  I must say, it's tastier fare than what the ball park offers for sure.  Today we've snacked on it a bit, and it's dwindling away.  This is definitely one of those cakes that won't make it onto a pretty cake plate before it's gone.
My eggs had bright orange yolks, giving it a great yellow color.

In the pan, ready for the oven.
Iced and half eaten.


B+J said…
Looks so yummy! But, I am not sure I could get it to taste or look as good without such a good little helper.

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