Alice's garden

Last week Wyatt and I went to Auburn and visited my lovely friend Alice and her garden.  It was Alice who introduced me to gardening, gave me my first plants, and took me to my first garden show back in 2004.

Alice has a new garden. It's already five years old but it's new compared to her old one, which was 30+ years old and quite incredible.  While Wyatt napped, I toured her beautiful beds and borders, and even dug up a few plants to take home.  Thanks for the plants and inspiration, Alice!

Halesia in bloom (similar to styrax japonica)

Backyard beds and pergola, Lady's Mantle, heuchera, hosta, Japanese maples, and Welsh poppies in the foreground.
Roses, clematis, hydrangeas, and Welsh poppies in a border outside the enclosed patio.
Delphinium, lilies, clematis and roses in the border outside the enclosed patio.

my napping travel companion
Border of fabulous color contrasts along the driveway -- Japanese maple, yellow sedum, blue fescu, feverfew.
Same bed from the other angle -- blue-green hosta, golden chain plant ground cover, heuchera.



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