Mushrooms and good bread

I made a really good decision this summer -- for the first time, I bought a mushroom share that arrives as part of our regular csa box.  This means that every week I get a container of cultivated mushrooms along with my box of veggies.  We've gotten baby shitaki and oyster mushrooms so far.

This week our share was all oyster mushrooms.  Thanks to a great suggestion from my massage therapist, Olivier (who is also quite a foodie), this is what I did with them.

The pictures, from my iphone, don't really do it justice.

Olivier's Mushrooms 

Saute one shallot with sliced mushrooms
When the mushrooms have finished rendering and shallots have softened,
slurry some white wine with a little flour or corn starch and add it
When the mushroom mixture has thickened and reduced a bit, add a little heavy cream
Reduce a little more
Seasoned to your liking... a little cayenne, a little salt and maybe a little flat parsley.
Serve on buttered toasted pieces of good crunchy bread


Anonymous said…
I like your blog and your sense of humor. I like the photos, the recipes and how you put words together.

Best regards,
Maggie Buchardt
AmyWK said…
It's always a treat for me to hear from one of my blog readers. Thanks for your kind words.

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