My sister

Over the weekend I got to celebrate some of the fun and exciting things happening in my sister's life.  Of course, her birthday is coming up in July but she won't be around for it since she and her fiance will be somewhere in Europe for most of the month.  Their adventures begin in Barcelona and end in Munich.  Not knowing whether you'll be in the south of France or in Switzerland for your birthday is difficult, as I'm sure you can imagine.

You may have noticed that I mentioned a fiance . . . yes, she's also getting married this summer.  But that will happen a couple weeks after they return from Europe and just about as far away from Europe as one can get -- the South Pacific.  The island of Kauai, to be precise.  Byron, Wyatt, and I will be there for the big day, having bought the tickets and booked the condo already.  Wyatt has something to wear to the wedding.  Not sure about the rest of us yet.

I'm told there will be some island hopping for the honeymoon afterward (them, not us).  And then the happy couple will have to jet back to reality and the hard work of resuming a life in just one place.  Of course, getting back to life in Seattle will be made harder, I'm sure, by the glaring absence of an autoban, the alps, fields of lavender and sunflowers, a highly efficient public transportation system, and decent plate lunch.

So back to the weekend.  I threw a little party for Becky and some of her girl friends -- an eating, toasting, presents sort of thing.  Celebrating her and all the love and good things happening in her life right now.  I couldn't be happier that she has found love.  And that she's my sister.

Recently, I made a book filled with some of our childhood pictures.  When looking at it, I'm struck by several things: how small we used to be, how old we are now, and how lucky we are to have each other.

Congratulations, sis!

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B+J said…
Congrats to Becky--we are so happy for her. What an exciting time and a lovely party.

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