One happy dad

We made a weekend out of Father's Day since Byron took Friday off.  It started Friday morning with a nice breakfast at a local spot we have been wanting to try for a while. The brioche toast with jam turned out to be a big hit with Wy.  Can't say I disagree with him, although the yogurt with rhubarb, honey, and pine nuts was the highlight for me.

Other day-off fun included a spin through Home Depot, a haircut for Byron at a local salon (although he came home smelling like an old lady for some reason), then time to work on a house project he's wanted to tackle for about a year -- putting a new exterior door on the back of the house.

Our weekend of paternal celebration pretty much involved three days of letting Byron do whatever he wanted, feeding him well, taking him on a few outings (i.e. farmers market, playground, etc), and giving him lots of Wyatt time.

Father's Day proper involved a few gifts and cards and a hike to explore the wooded trails at Landover Woods -- a nearby Seattle Park.  We walked through woods filled with ferns, salmon berries, mossy logs, and beautiful old trees.  We especially enjoyed the cacophony of bird songs we heard.  After that, we took a jaunt to the play ground, then located a new tasty hole-in-the wall spot for Vietnamese food.  The vermicelli bowls we ordered were great.  Wyatt tried the tofu and noodles but mostly spent his time wielding the chop sticks and drinking his water.   A bit different than last year's Father's Day menu for him.

Despite holding the title of dad for only two years now, it's apparent that Byron likes being Wyatt's dad more than just about anything he's ever done.  Wyatt is crazy about him, too, as evidenced by the nearly constant "dadji, dadji" that one can hear any given day as Wy runs through the house in search of his favorite person.


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