Kauai haiku

Just for fun, when we travel I often post haiku about the trip on Facebook.  Last week we traveled to Kauai to celebrate my sister's wedding.  Here are my haiku from our week on Kauai.

Goodbye clouds and fog
Now island breeze, sky, ocean
A flight, arrival

Slowing finally
Island time makes that happen
Plate lunch and poke

Rain, sun, mist, chickens
Ancient canyon red and green
hike foiled by rain

Palms waving to me
Undulating like the sea
Friendly paradise

Mornings that I like
Wake up call from crashing surf
Sand castles by nine


Vows by the ocean
Today my sister married
Full moon and full hearts

Home to our own beds
Heat and sun here too, hooray!
Still, I miss the waves


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