Pear clafouti

We ate the last slices after dinner yesterday and I was surprised how delicious it was even four days later.  Fall wouldn't be fall without apples and pears.  And as much as I like apple pie, it's a bit of a job to make one -- not something I do on the spur of the moment (unlike my amazing-pie-making friend Di).  I can, however, whip up a clafouti in only a few minutes.  Simple but delicious and a great way to show off and enjoy the pears of fall. 

Fresh, beautiful pears are available in about every market these days.  I used Bartletts because that's what I had, and they were perfectly ripe and in need of eating.  But Conference, Concord, Anjou, Bosc . . . they'd all be wonderful.  My favorite recipe is from Barefoot in Paris by Ina Garten.  The batter beats up thicker and rises a bit higher than others I've tried.  The brandy gives it an amazing flavor and fragrance. And there's something to it after it falls.

Clafouti eating would be a good activity for the last weekend of September if you ask me.


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