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My volunteer time is limited these days, but I am quite pleased to make time to serve on the board of a local, nonprofit preschool. Little did I know, but the preschool takes its two- and three-year olds and a handful of parents for a day trip to Camp Korey each fall.  This year Wyatt and I were invited to go along. 

We jumped at the chance and also brought along a little friend of our own and her mom.  It was a great way to see the preschool in action (and be impressed), and to enjoy the gorgeous October weather we've been having.  Of course, the highlights of the day for Wyatt were riding in a school bus and getting to take a scarlett runner bean out of its pod.  But for the rest of us, the pumpkin patch, fresh s'mores, and a hay ride were high on the list. 

The highlight for me: getting to watch my sweet boy have a great time.

On the bus.
Wyatt fascinated by his bean, ignoring the pumpkins.


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