Beans and glue

My mom is really to blame.  She's the one who got me started gluing beans and lentils to paper a long time ago.  Both my mom and I were big crafters, at least that's how I remember it.  I liked the traditional glue, scissors, and popsicle sticks. But I also remember making a miniature doll house out of a shoe boxes (complete with a miniature toilet paper roll that I painstakingly made), lots of potholders on a potholder-maker of some sort, macrame projects, a bit of crocheting, and once I discovered mom's sewing machine, I made a lot of bean bags and doll clothes.

Well, I'm still at it.  The crafting that is.  Now, some forty years later my excuse is that I have a nearly-two year old who needs to learn about beans and glue.  We started with a beginner project in October -- paper plate owls.

In November we moved on to moderate difficulty -- a cardboard turkey covered in beans and seeds with fancy spaghetti feathers.  This project gave Wyatt lots of opportunities to pour seeds, beans, and lentils from one bowl to another, mix them, taste them, press them into glue, then complain about his sticky "dirty" fingers.  Only to start all over again with clean hands.  We had fun. 

As you can see, Wyatt enjoys admiring our work.  And if you could hear him in these pictures you'd hear him saying "dojee" (turkey) "gobba, gobba."  Our turkey gets a lot of attention.

I have no idea what December will bring, but I've been thinking about working with felt.  I promise a full report if something materializes.


B+J said…
LOVE the turkey. I cannot wait until Oliver is just a pinch older so we can "borrow" this project idea. I think we are ready for the Owls though...

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