Election night 2012

We hosted a small group at our house for nail biting, dinner, and drinks last Tuesday evening while we watched the election returns.   To keep my mind off the too-close-for-comfort races, Wyatt and I spent much of the day trying our hand at some new recipes and cooking for our guests.

To get rolling, I pulled out Plenty -- a cookbook I like the idea of cooking from but haven't much.  It's a lovely book featuring great ways to prepare common and not-so-common vegetables authored by UK chef Yotam Ottolenghi.  This time I made both the caramelized garlic tart and the roasted butternut squash with sweet spices, yogurt and lime.  We liked them both.  Accompanied by a green salad of fall lettuce from my garden it made a perfect light supper, which was good since most of us weren't sure how much we wanted to put in our stomachs as we began watching returns in the early evening. What can I say, visions of the Florida flip still haunt me from 2000. . .

In any case, our evening became more celebratory as Obama stacked up the electoral votes.  As Inslee took a good lead . . . as I-74 passed.  We went to bed after hearing the speeches and slept better than we had in a while. 

I'm hopeful.


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