December images: week four

Thank you, dear friends, for sharing your pictures with me this month.  You were good sports to participate despite your busy lives.  We'll have to do it again next yearFarewell 2012.

:: Bonnie ::

baby steps.

he never looked back.

:: Melodie ::

over the river and through the woods . . . 

hope rises. after several low visibility days on the hill, we were rewarded with a sunny blue-bird day at last.

:: Jill ::

she loved the peppermint cupcake and I loved having her all to myself in the middle of the day.

:: Karen ::

frank gehry's emp seen through 13 year old eyes.

rachel and sam in a human size snow globe art installation by reel grrls.

:: Dana ::

the reason I just checked out peggy orenstein's book cinderella ate my daughter.

the reason I am not worried about my daughter, inspired by jean arp's silent at the cantor arts center (likely though just inspired by the opportunity to pose for a photo).

:: Helen ::

sometimes the best view comes while lying on the ground.

gotta get them in before that pesky new year's resolution arrives.

:: Darcy ::

137 years in two cups.

::  Amy ::

most of the yard just looked slimy and needed tidying. then i noticed my camellia ready to bloom. i think it's a sign and january is going to be full of great new things.

About the guest photographers:

Bonnie spends her spare time doing yoga with a toddler, running long distances for charitable purposes, and enjoying quality time with family and friends.  Her non spare time is spent at a law firm.  She lives within walking distance of The White House and thoroughly enjoys Washington D.C. 

Melodie lives in the beautiful Skagit Valley with her family and a terrier named Toby.  Her proudest bucket list moment was on December 11 when she realized, while driving her kids to school, that she knew the Big Sean rap in the bridge of Justin Beiber's As Long As You Love Me, stone cold. She also makes outstanding panini.

Jill feels fortunate to live near San Francisco and to be a full time mom to six-year-old Sadie.  She stays busy volunteering, hiking and trying to not look completely ridiculous in Zumba class. She's very thankful that the 2012 election is over, as are her Facebook friends.

Karen, who is on the back nine of life, has more appreciation than ever for homemade meals, dahlias, classic musicals, sweet dogs of all ages, poetry, and her friends and family. She is an arts administrator, gardener, and mother of two living in Seattle.

Dana is a writer, a lawyer, a boxer, and, among many other things, a passionate force for government and corporate accountability.  Although a resident of Maine, she currently lives in the Palo Alto area with her husband and daughter where she is enjoying the sunny weather, taking in lots of museums, seeing shows like Pinkalicious, The Musical, and going camping.

Helen lives in the beautiful napa valley with her husband and two amazing children. Though educated in the law, Helen recently shelved her legal skills for dress-up tea parties, "if you're happy and you know it" marathons, and travels with toddlers. She has yet to look back; she's having too much fun.

Darcy is a champion for the environment, the voice of reason in a large family, a gardener, and a lover of music and dogs.  She lives in the emerald city in a green house with beautiful roses, along with her son and husband.


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