December images: week one

This month we are in for a treat.  Each week I'll be posting a collection of photos taken by me and a handful of lovely women friends who live all over the country and whom I wish I saw much more frequently than I do.  I've included bios of these special women at the end of each post. They are generously sharing a little of their lives with me (and you) this month -- a lovely gift.

: Helen :

She laughs for no other reason than she feels joy. I am powerless to this laugh. I must join in.

all it took was one intriguing email to change the way we look at life

: Becky :

working from home

: Amy :

the green is what caught my eye

downtown lights, a little shopping, a bit to eat, and my camera . . . this has become my tradition

About the guest photographers:

Helen lives in the beautiful napa valley with her husband and two amazing children. Though educated in the law, Helen recently shelved her legal skills for dress-up tea parties, "if you're happy and you know it" marathons, and travels with toddlers. She has yet to look back; she's having too much fun.

Becky lives in Seattle with a new husband and three old cats. She's an educator, a knitter, and the sister of a blogger.


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