December images: week two

Sorry for the delay in posting these photos taken by everyone last week.  I promise to have this week's pictures up on Sunday!

: Sarah :

mesmerized by Downton Abbey.  really, she watches it.

cup of herbal tea at Sitka.

reindeer caught grazing.

: Bonnie :

word of the day: moon

the desk

: Helen :

i want this to be the beginning, not the end.

: Amy :

i noticed that everything was sparkly, more sparkly than usual. then i rememberd the cleaning guy had been here.

About the guest photographers:

Sarah is a lawyer by day and a recreational soccer player, dog-lover, and consummate hobbyist the rest of the time.

Bonnie spends her spare time doing yoga with a toddler, running long distances for charitable purposes, and enjoying quality time with family and friends.  Her non spare time is spent at a law firm.  She lives within walking distance of The White House and thoroughly enjoys Washington D.C.

Helen lives in the beautiful napa valley with her husband and two amazing children. Though educated in the law, Helen recently shelved her legal skills for dress-up tea parties, "if you're happy and you know it" marathons, and travels with toddlers. She has yet to look back; she's having too much fun.


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