We have started this new year with lots of new things.  New words for Wyatt: "high five," "argentina" "tortilla" and "awesome" to name a few.  New house goals for the year ahead -- finish the bathrooms, replace the baseboards, redo the entry . . .   Some new personal goals as well -- more money into the retirement accounts, more vacations, more exercise . . .  less weight around our middles.  Most importantly, we are committed to spending more time this year with the people we care about -- family, friends near and far.  We've already gotten off to a good start by eating new year's brunch with my sister and her husband, and enjoying dinner on New Years Eve with some lovely friends we wish we saw more often. 

The garden is also promising new beginnings.  My camellia is nearly ready to bloom and the bulbs have sent up short little green shoots already.  I think the forsythia buds are fattening up too.   Most exciting . . . I'm planning a small orchard for the front side yard that, hopefully, will be planted in February and March. Such fun to plan!

In the veggie patch, the arugula, purple sprouting broccoli, cauliflower, and clumping onions are going strong.  The kale and chard and even some lettuces are still providing greens for our table since we've not have much of a hard frost yet.  And February is coming, which means I'll get to start planting (peas) and the garden begins again for real.  Oh how I do love this mild, albeit gray, climate of ours.

That said, we will enjoy a bright spot this weekend when we will get to see some of our parent-friends since we have a birthday party to attend and another to host.  Wyatt is turning two on Sunday.  Ours will be a low-key affair with very few people -- and only a few little people -- with almond butter sandwiches, play time, and double chocolate cake. 

You can probably tell that I'm excited about this new year.  It feels good to have a whole new year laid out before me.  One that I haven't squandered yet . . . one that holds all the good possibilities of a new adventure and none of the regrets associated with opportunities lost or not taken.  I'm quite happy about this new year.  I hope you are too.


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