We threw a party today

It was filled with a handful of little people (and their handlers), trains, chocolate cake, little oranges, balloons, a few pom poms, two puzzles, a bi-plane, and a dinosaur . . . to name just a few of the things that made our day a fun and memorable birthday for Wyatt.  He's two now. And he's asleep as I type this.  Exhausted.

He had a blast the entire time.  Running laps around the house.  Hugging his friends big and small.  Bouncing. Wiggling. Eating as many pretzels as he wanted. Laughing. Blowing out candles.  Eating cake. It was exactly what a birthday party should be when you are two.

We had a great time too.  For me, the pre-party planning and decorating and making a cake.  For Byron, making a train table and finishing a small home project that made the place look nicer for the party (thanks for the baseboards, Byron).  During the party, we enjoyed visiting with a few friends while wrangling our little people -- catching up on moves, travels, the holiday festivities, and new year plans.

This birthday is still close enough to the big event that I remember well what this day held for me two years ago, too.  At breakfast this morning I remarked to Byron that at the same time two years ago . . . my water broke.  Argh.  It was only a few hours later -- 11:05 a.m. -- that Wyatt came on the scene. Nothing has been the same since.

What a smart and fun and fulfilling adventure this kid-thing has been.  I'm so extremely glad Wyatt is here.  So glad he is such a hilarious and caring and interesting person.  And, most of all, glad that I am his mom.

Happy Birthday, Wyatt!

Many thanks to our friend Tuffer Harris for generously snapping photos during the party.


B+J said…
Looks like a super fun birthday party! Happy year two, Wyatt.

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