He rhymes now too

On Monday I realized that Wyatt can rhyme.  Not just recognize a rhyme and giggle, but actually make one up himself.  We were laying in The Big Bed, as our king-size bed has become known, and I was singing "This Old Man" to him -- it's one of my few songs that does not immediately get nixed with "difent song peas."  I successfully got through the verse ". . . he played three, he played nick-nack on my knee" when Wyatt piped up and said, "next to me.  three."  I stopped and said, sure, I can sing three with "next to me" instead of "knee." So I backtracked and sang from three again.

As soon as I'd made it through five, which is Wyatt's favorite part of the song because I say "behive" instead of just "hive," which sounds funny and changes the cadence of the song . . . he piped up again and said, "one. bum."  (We name body parts after the bath, and bum is one of his favorites.)  I then proceeded to sing the song again with ". . . he played one, he played nick-nack on my bum," and upon doing so, Wyatt immediately blurted out, "chum."  Now he was just screwing with me!

I had not really thought about when a kid learns to rhyme.  But apparently it happens around two, and it is quite charming. 


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