Everyday help

I've been paying closer attention to the everyday things in our lives lately.  It takes a bit of effort since, ordinarily, I hurry and, yes, sometimes even avoid the routine and mundane tasks. But now that I have a 2.4-year-old wanna-be helper around, I've had to slow down and notice what we do and how we do it.  Then teach him how.  And then, sometimes, assist his assisting. 

Having such a helper is time consuming, but, honestly, kind of fun.  I've never laughed so much doing boring stuff like filling the washing machine or trying to put sheets on the bed (notice I said trying . . . ).

I've been advised to embrace my preschooler's desire to help.  Otherwise, by the time he is capable enough to do chores he won't know how or have interest in helping out. I hope that all the helping and "doing it Wyatt's self" is building his self confidence and expanding his understanding of how things work. He juices, digs, helps with the trash, does laundry, fills the bird feeders, sweeps, knows how to use a wrench, measures things, and can properly use an egg beater. Truth is, this curious and capable little boy is becoming a contributing member of our household.  He loves it and so do we.


sherilee said…
That last picture with his feet off the bumper is just precious!

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