Another happy birthday

Yesterday we ate cake.  My father-in-law turned 89.  For any age, he's in remarkable health -- he walks six miles a day and cooks and shops and does for himself just fine.  He's still driving (although not much and never at night) and playing baseball (at least with Wyatt).  I hope I'm as capable and good natured as he is when I'm nearly finished being an octogenarian.

To celebrate this milestone, I made a recipe and a half of this delicious cake (with a bit of almond extract added) and baked it in two six-inch cake pans.  And by-the-way, I'm telling you that anything baked in a six-inch cake pan is just cuter and more stylish and gives off the pastry chef vibe in a way that those 9-inch cake pans just can't.  Seriously, they are a game changer. You should get some.

Oh, and about the cake . . .  after slicing each cake in half, we slathered the layers with homemade Shuksan strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. Wrapped the tower it in plastic for a few hours, then plopped some freshly whipped cream on top and sprinkled some powdered sugar around for a final touch.  I say we because Byron pitched in to finish the cake after I somehow managed to perform minor surgery on my thumb with a paring knife. All is well now, but I was reclined in a chair seeing stars for the better part of an hour.

By evening, however, I was recovered enough to party.  Our birthday party included a dinner of favorite foods: salmon and veggie burgers, salads, and grandpa's favorite chips -- nacho cheese Doritos.  I think they are now Wyatt's favorite chips, too. I'm just hopeful Spray 'n Wash can get bright orange stains out of clothes. We had my parents and sister and brother in law with us as well, so our table felt full, and the evening buzzed with conversation and laughter.

Wyatt assisted when it came time for candles and presents and eating cake. It's quite a thing having three generations living under our roof. I feel like it's truly a win for all of us. Yesterday, we celebrated.


sherilee said…
Love that picture of the three guys. Precious!

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