So glad


This is what Wyatt says these days when he's overwhelmed with his happy emotions.  He hugs my neck tight and says softly into my ear, "I'm so glad, mommy."  

I've had my own share of these kinds of moments recently too.  Grateful for a season that affords so many good opportunities to share meals and good conversations with people I like so much.

As I look back over this year filled with dinners on our deck with friends, camping trips, swim lessons, new plumbing in way too many places in our house, weekly family dinners, a new cat, a wonderful growing season, Indian cooking lessons, new preschool friends, a new mattress topper, and a little boy who has grown more than three inches since his last birthday -- I am profoundly glad for all of it.  Admittedly, it was sometimes hard to feel that way in the moment i.e. swarms of yellow jackets at the campground and the lack of a kitchen for six weeks while repairs were made . . . but not that hard. We had a glorious summer.

And then there was the generosity of our next door neighbors earlier this month when they supplied us with water for a few days via a house-to-house hose after our water main broke on a Friday. That gesture gets the Super Glad award this year.  A complete rescue.

Truth is, I have lots of people who rescue me, regularly. My sweet husband top among them.  The fact that he gets up each morning and makes coffee and smoothies and sometimes waffles or pancakes -- every day -- is no small thing. He is a true partner in life in all the best ways. 

I also treasure the many generous friendships near and far that have fed my soul (and my stomach) and made me a happier and healthier person this year. 

It's been a good year and I'm so glad.


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