Winter hikes in Discovery Park

This winter we've spent a good number of weekend days exploring new paths and unseen areas (at least to us) of Discovery Park.  It's one of the city's best parks -- with breath-taking views of Puget Sound, lots of wildlife, and the kind of terrain that actually gives you a bit of a work out (especially when carrying a small child).

That said, Wyatt pretty much walks everywhere himself now -- especially since he acquired his Merrell size 11 "hiking shoes" as he calls them.  Last time we hiked in the park, about a week ago, he walked for a couple hours and only gave out on the last stretch back to the car. Proof, I think, that he indeed is a "bigger boy" as he calls himself now.

Our favorite route, at the moment, is to park at the upper lot, take the stairs up to the top of the meadow and walk down the road a little.  Then cut through the meadow on one of the many paths headed for the bluff. Take the trail through the sandy area and up to the crest of the bluff above the beach (after reading all the signage we can find).  From there, we head down the stairs/path to the water, stopping to look out the lookouts.  Once at the bottom, we walk out to the lighthouse, have a snack (or better yet, lunch followed by Sharkies gummy fruit treats) and then head back up the hill via the road. At the junction with the loop trail, we cut back to the west and head back toward the bluff, up through the meadow, and back to the car.  Then we stop for hot drinks or fish and chips (if we forgot lunch) on the way home.

You might want to try it.

Wyatt behind the lens.


B+J said…
Beautiful. And nice work behind the lens, Wyatt.

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