Fan Fest

At our last game of the 2013 Mariners season.
As you may know, we like our baseball games.  In recent years, we have enjoyed attending 15 or 20 Mariners games each season, and we are looking forward to doing the same again this year.  We've taken Wyatt to games since he was only about three months old, so it's no wonder that he's a bit of a baseball kid.

Accordingly, Byron got us tickets to Mariners Fan Fest at the end of January.  We dressed up the kid, pulled on our Ms shirts, and headed down to Safeco Field for a few hours. Wyatt got to pitch in the bull pen to a real catcher, which I think was the highlight for everyone.

Wy also "hit some balls," as he tells it, in the outfield with a bat that almost toppled him over a time or two.  We took a tour of the club house and checked out the visitor's dugout.  We all "ran" the bases, complete with a slide into third base by Wyatt.  Well kind of.  It was actually more of a sit-down-then-recline.

Wyatt had a blast exploring the stadium without thousands of people in his way. He learned about knuckle balls, got to "check out" Felix Hernandez's club house locker, and even spotted the Mariner Moose at least once.  Now I think we are definitely ready for opening day. Luckily, it's only a month away!


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