Just for me

I am under no illusions.  I know that although they are lovely, the pictures I take of my garden are really just for me. So, my apologies for this quite selfish post.

The garden changes so rapidly once the growing season is here that I forget the just how vivid the May/June shades of green are by the time the tired August ones arrive -- unless I take a picture of course.  These pictures are from the past two weeks of May.  We've had an exquisite show of flowers and color around the place. 

Before I started gardening, I admit that I didn't appreciate the differences between May and June or between August and September.  Now I feel like there is always something unique to enjoy at the moment and also something different but good to look forward to at every part of the season.  Today, it's green and flowering everywhere with the anticipation of peonies -- and fruit!


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